Support us!

Please note that we are a not-for-profit LLC company. We are not a 501c3, which means individual donations cannot be written off. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

General Donation

We will use this donation toward planning rallies, printing informational flyers, drafting petitions, sending email campaigns to our local officials, and general freedom-fighting goodness.

Billboard Campaign

Will you help us fund a billboard? Our goal is to pay for 3 months of a large billboard on Hwy 90 in Richmond. The cost is $1200.

Our First Documentary

This yet untitled project is set to come out in April. It is a story of hearbreak as we walk through the last few days of a Clear Lake woman’s life as she battles COVID-19 and the hospital that refuses to give her Ivermectin. This is a scenario we see playing out across the country right now. Our group believes it is a crime against humanity, and that someone needs to be held accountable.

Our expenses are kept low with volunteers, but we do have to pay for video contractors and editors. Also, we would like to continue making documentaries going forward, so any abundance we receive will go toward the next project.