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Are you Interested in Becoming a Part of FMAG? There are 2 ways you can do this:

Starting an FMAG Chapter in your County

When you start an FMAG County Chapter, you are committing to helping us turn FMAG into a state-wide movement. We will depend on you to be our boots on the ground in your part of Texas and to be an active member of our group. We’re all in this together, and we can grow freedom-based principles in Texas, one county at a time!
As an FMAG Chapter member you will receive:
Additionally, starting a new FMAG Chapter would involve:

Becoming an FMAG Partner

Do you already have a facebook group or a website with your own name and identity as a freedom-based organization? That’s great! Our goal is to be a hub in Texas for all smaller groups to come together and unite. We get more work done when we join forces!

As an FMAG Partner, we want your group to keep its unique identity and autonomy, but we will ask that you add the words: “A member of the Freedom Matters Action Group” to your branding when possible. This could be simply updating your social media or website cover photo. Here is an example of how the Unmuzzled Houston Resistance added this into their facebook cover page →


As an FMAG Partner you will receive:

Additionally, becoming an FMAG Partner would involve:

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