Who We Are:

A nonpartisan group of loosely affiliated individuals who wish for Montgomery County, Texas, to be a free society. We focus on building awareness at the local level of issues regarding privacy rights and constitutional rights which are being attacked by government overreach. Some of the concerns we are currently addressing are vaccine requirements as a condition of employment, travel, or school attendance, forced masking of schoolchildren, infringements of the 2nd Amendment, contact tracing, etc.

This is  a place to network with like-minded people, post local information, advise on legislation, support local freedom oriented businesses, and political candidates, etc.


Future Goals of Fear Free Montgomery:

Moving forward our focus is to develop relationships with nearby freedom groups to extend our message and our reach.

We hope to become more active as a group in affecting change through pressure on our local and state politicians and in educational campaigns directed towards the general population of Montgomery County.

As we learn of more existing grassroots action groups, we hope to link our members into those groups where they feel most passionate and able to participate in making our world free.

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