Chapter Leader: Jay Lewchanin


My name is Jay Lewchanin and I am the leader for Freedom Matters Action Group Chapter Clear Lake area of Southeast Harris and Galveston County.  I was raised in a military family and have lived in many places throughout the world.  My academic training is in meteorology.  Over the years I have watched freedoms erode at local, state and national levels.  I have watched tyrants, both elected and unelected, trying to control every aspect of our lives in government, medicine, education, climatology and other institutions.  I have been fighting against corruption and defending freedom for well over a decade through activism, research, outreach, and political involvement.  I have stepped up now to fight back, within my local community, against this 2 year COVID-19 medical tyranny.  These unscientifically based COVID-19 mandates have not only been unnecessary and harmful to both our physical and mental health, but have posed a threat to our freedoms as Americans. 


My vision for our local FMAG chapter in pushing back against these institutions’ tyranny is to become more active as a group in affecting change by putting pressure on our local and state politicians to reject legislation that violates our freedoms, as well as to pass legislations that would ensure election integrity; voicing our concerns at local school board meetings about harmful masking of children, Critical Race Theory and sexually explicit, pornographic books in the schools; inviting local small business owners to become patriot businesses; participating in Houston area freedom rallies and working with other area freedom groups; continuing to grow our FMAG chapter and fight with passionate, freedom-loving members of the community.

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