We are an action group. Which means we try to be as effective as possible in bringing about change that matters.  Please join us in this effort by scrolling through our petitions below and signing the ones that matter to you. 

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Demand TX Legislators to Act NOW!

Abbott issued an Executive Order on Oct 11 to ban vaccines mandates in TX by all entities but it’s not enough and not strong to deter the employers from doing so.

There have been several bills in the current special session that address this but none of them are good or clear enough to actually BAN the medical mandates by employers and businesses. So far, HB33 and 39 are close but not quite there yet.

This is a campaign to urge all our legislators to work on this and pass a bill that will make it completely unlawful for medical mandates in the state of Texas.

STOP Federal Government from taking CONTROL of Texas

The actions of the Biden Administration’s Justice Department have enacted in their capacity to decide in the last resort in respects to mandating vaccines. This last resort is deemed the last in relation to the authorities of the other departments of the federal government; not in relation to the rights of the par-ties to the constitutional compact, from which the judicial as well as the other departments hold their delegated trusts. In fact, the delegation of judicial power, would annul the authority delegating it; and the concurrence of this department with the others in usurped powers, might subvert forever, and beyond the possible reach of any rightful remedy, the very constitution, which all of you are instituted to preserve.

Support Senate Bill SB 65

SB 65 prohibits a person from discriminating against or refusing a public accommodation to an individual based on vaccination or immunity status.  A “person” is legally defined as an individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, limited liability company, association, joint venture, government, governmental subdivision, agency, or instrumentality, public corporation, any other legal or commercial entity, or a particular series of a for-profit entity.”

SB 65 specifically prohibits health care facilities and providers, long term care facilities, group health benefits plans, life insurance companies, employers, labor organizations, employment agencies, licensing authorities, and educational institutions from denying or negatively affecting services based on vaccination or immunity status. Vaccination or immunity status of individuals covered by insurance plans may not be used as a factor in rating a plan or discriminating against a health care provider.

SB 65 also prohibits vaccine mandates and forced vaccination by schools and government. This includes prohibiting government entities, the governor, a state agency, a political subdivision, or a political subdivision official from requiring individuals be vaccinated or forcing individuals to administer vaccines and discriminating against or posing a civil or criminal penalty against such individuals. This prohibition applies to all laws, agency rules, and executive or emergency orders.

SB 65 removes immunizations from legally enforceable control measures. Existing employee vaccine requirement policies for health care and day care facilities are removed. Parental consent is required for all recommended childhood vaccines. 

SB 65 prohibits vaccination or immunity status from being used for issuance of a driver’s license, voter id, or personal id by the state, and the transportation department is prohibited from penalizing, discriminating against, or denying services or access to anyone for not providing proof of vaccination or immunity status.

Justice for Jan 6 protestors

Demand Due Process for January Sixers Held in DC-GITMO.

January Sixers rounded up and arrested for their “crime” of protesting at the Capitol Buidling still sit in prison cells in D.C. without due process. They hail from only one political party and are being physically and phycologically tortured. This is wrong and un-American! We must demand our Senators take action to get a fair trial for these political prisoners.

Demand Abbott to choose these issues

What issues are placed on this session will determine the historical legacy and political of Greg Abbott. There is no place where a governor’s leadership matters more than in the selection of issues for a special session. Priorities matter. They are formed by the vision and strategy of the leader who sets them.

Say NO to Mandatory Vaccines!

We The People cannot allow for such medical tyranny to exist in our community!

Help us STOP Texas House Bill 3!

“The Texas House GOP’s pandemic ‘reform’ legislation, HB 3, doubles down on the policy disasters of the past year and ratifies the power of the governor to unilaterally shut down society, enact mask mandates, and do essentially anything the governor wants in response to a pandemic, with no legislative input whatsoever.” – Matt Rinaldi, Texas Scorecard